Vanda Darkflame is the leader of the Paradox Faction.

In CanonEdit

Vanda Darkflame was the assistant of Baron Typhonus. Very little is known about her life before she became his
300px-Vanda Darkflame
assistant. However, many sources show her connections with the ninja, and possibly even previous explorers (archeologists).

Following the creation of the Maelstrom, Dr. Overbuild, Duke Exeter, and Hael Storm commissioned her to create a new Nexus Force Faction for studying the Maelstrom.

An easy hypothesis for her being chosen as another leader of the Nexus Force, despite her not being an explorer, is that she is/was more familiar with the Baron than any of the others, including Doctor Overbuild. She wears a red ninja hood in battle.

Appearences in FanonEdit

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