The Venture Explorer was a modified C-12 light freighter that was ambushed and attacked by maelstrom forces shortly after the Paradox lab breach in Avant Gardens.  After the crew and passengers were evacuated, Maestrom forces began to search the ship looking for intel on Nexus Tower. Venture Explorer's course was set to Nimbus Station.


The Venture Explorer was one of four modified C-12 freighters used for different purposes. This one has a rather interesting story.

Technical DetailsEdit

3 Class 5 Imagination Engines

4 Rocket Pads for evacuation

7 Observation Decks (Bridge included)

16 CryoPods for passengers


The Venture Explorer consisted of a skeleton crew of:

Captain: Sky Lane

First Officer: Bob


11 Rank 2 Assembly Engineers

16 Passengers per-trip



Halfway to destination, engine 2 started leaking imagination, making a big and easy target for the Maelstrom forces. After the Maelstrom outbreak in Avant Gardens, the ship was ambushed and all passengers were forced to evacuate the ship. Captain Sky Lane knew that there would be mass panic if she told the crew and passengers about the Outbreak. She told everyone that there was simply no contact with ground forces. All passengers were reported as survivors.

In LU: ReloadedEdit

The Explorer is seen in LU: Reloaded in battle with the Sentinel Flyer.

After The WarEdit

All C-12 Light freighters including the Explorer were sent to Assembly Shipyards on Crux Prime after the Maelstrom War. They were dismantled and recycled to build settlements on the bigger world chunks once inhabited by The Maelstrom.
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