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The creator of the StormChasers, MisterGryphon, played from Launch until the final day. Sentinel, all kits, level 42.


  • MisterGryphon and MasterKD


The StormChasers were a group of explorers, led by MisterGryphon, Nimblejoe and BurnOut96. They traveled the universe, gathering over 80 Members and 15 members of staff. They had a base on Nimbus Isle, with secure passwords and security systems, as well as an emergency base in Forbidden Valley and training grounds in Gnarled Forest. The StormChasers went through many stages of development, originally being created by MisterGryphon and MasterKD. They gathered members, until MasterKD turned to the Pancake Forces to get help. MisterGryphon took his best liuetenant and took Nimblejoe, Abby2HipHop, BurnOut96 and GoldenSharkBolt to challenge the pancake forces. They were crushed, but many members of the Pancake forces followed them to their base to join their army. Thus, the New StormChasers were born. When closing was announced, the group fell into chaos. BurnOut disappeared into the Maelstrom, and Empolean took his place as General of the Army. Overflame and Nimblejoe stayed in their positions as first liuetenants, and barely more than 20 people were left active. By January, the top four and GoldenSharkBolt were the only ones left.

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