• iStormtrooper (Storm Universe)
2012-03-17 00003

The Nexus Ninjas Main Base (2011)


The Nexus Ninjas first was a team iStormtrooper made after he was inspired by the famous Krakash and his Raven Bluff in 2010 November. Leader: iStormtrooper (Wheatley the Core) Co-Leader: iJazzermb (Definitely still in the group) Top in Command: JakTheMad (This Member has not left the team) 2nd in Command: Krakash (This member has not quit the game) Last in Command: ThrashElectronLegend (This member has not left the team) General: Skeletor (This member has not left the team) Soldiers: SniffleFluffyMosquito, GrandGreenEnergy, NineWells, Legoette. The Nexus Ninjas' first base was at iStormtrooper's Raven Bluff. In January or February 2011, it changed to Avant Grove. Now it is in iStormtrooper's Nimbus Isle. The Nexus Ninjas is still on, it was about to end in May 20 2011 after a disaster. Contact with iJazzermb's Talk Page for more information you would like to know. The Nexus Ninja's were forgotten after a disaster in late march, now they are no more. The teams name is copyrighted by iJazzermb and iStormtrooper, the only person who has right to start it back up is iJazzermb, however this is unlikely to happen. The Nexus Ninjas were once a great team, but there downfall was not foreseen. Thank You

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