The Mythran Maker is a fictional staff/scepter that was used by the First Builder. It was known to give any minifigure that touched it the abilities of a Mythran. It contained the soul of the First Builder for thousands of years, until he was accidentally released by Bricky and Crystal.

Full HistoryEdit

The First Builder's sanity was ending. He knew that if he didn't act quick, he would lose his mind and attack his beloved Mythran Council. He needed to find a way to get rid of himself, even though he couldn't be smashed. The Mythran Council suggested that he cast his soul into a personal object, and it would stay untouched until "The Two Chosen Ones" released him.

The First Builder chose his beautiful scepter. The object had been his favorite thing in the whole universe since he got it. It was transparent blue, like him, with Imagination crystals shimmering inside. The Mythran told him how to cast his soul by saying an ancient chant, so he did so. With a few goodbyes, the First Builder put himself into the scepter.

The Mythran Council put the staff in a cavern on the Planet Crux. When the world exploded, the cave was in the chunk of Crux named Crux Prime. It was on the other side of a canyon, named Rivendark Canyon. It was never discovered until a couple of Sentinel knights found a way to cross Rivendark Canyon.

Their names were Bricky and Crystal. Bricky was hearing the chant from the First Builder himself, every time he tried getting across Rivendark Canyon. He and his best friend, Crystal, found the cave and the scepter. With confusion, they accidentally touched it and turned themselves into Mythran. The staff released the First Builder into the world.

The duo were The Chosen Ones.


  • The Mythran Maker is used in the story "The Mythran Makers", where it makes a major appearance



The Mythran Maker

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