It was just a normal recon mission.

Someone had discovered a new chunk of Crux, and Command sent us to investigate.

That's when it all went bad.

"Hey Ace, pass me that wrench will you?" Rex called out. He was fixing the spacecraft. Something had caused the engine to malfunction and explode during flight.

"It's no use fixing that thing you know." Derek said. "We're gonna be stuck here unless Command finds us, and I doubt that seeing as how our communicators shorted out."

"Don't be so pessimistic Derek! It'll be fine." Sabrina replied.

Those are my teammates.

Ace: A member of the Assembly branch of the Nexus Force. The engineer of the group.

Derek: A member of the Venture branch of the Nexus Force. The scout of the group.

Sabrina: A member of the Paradox branch. She uses stealth to take out bigger enemies.

And me, Ace: I'm a part of Sentinel. I'm also the leader of our team.

"No, Derek has a point. The ship has been damaged pretty badly, we should find some other way out of here." I say. "Rex, you stay here with Sabrina. I'll go with Derek to see if we can find some ship parts or something."

So, we travelled away from the crash site. We started to see fog form around us, at it seemed the farther away from the ship we got, the more fog appeared. Eventually it became so bad, we couldn't see 3 feet in front of us.

Then I heard the scream.

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