LEGO Universe 2012-01-11 21-04-11

Created by:

  • MaverickDengo


  • Nimbus Isle


"Do ye seek adventure? Danger? Sea monsters? Than this be the prop for ya! Come aboard the Red Tide and set sail!" The Fantastic Red Tide is an amazing brick built pirate ship on MaverickDengo's Nimbus Isle. The property has been open on Nimbus Isle since December 2011, However, It had originally been built on Avant Grove in june earlier that year. It had been opened, but unfortunately it was effected by the Zero PR bug. After many months of bug reporting, Maverick finally got fed up and decided to move it to Nimbus Isle. It took a couple of weeks of rebuilding "lost" models and adjusting everything to the new prop, but it was finally opened to the public. Since then it has struggled to maintain any reputation. The Red Tide has lots to see, and tons of neat places to explore! Visit it today!


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