Team Nexus Delta is a team in LEGO universe. Their website can be found at . Team Nexus Delta was founded by its leader, Fusion and has many members.

The TND logo, made by Paranode.

The team has a base was being built by PatchM143 at Avant Grove, as well as a "Team Members Only" lounge at Tweet's Nimbus Isle. Their old temporary base is at Fusion's Nimbus Isle.

Due to LU closing TND has moved to Minecraft. You can access the official server via this blog page. They currently have a server called NexusCraft, with a few NPC's(and multiple other plugins); one named Nexus Jay, as a reminder of the good times.

A captain also made group on Roblox. (Currently Inactive)

Team Members listEdit

Leader: Fusion

Co-leaders: PatchM143, BetaMaster

Captains: Tweet, Jomy582, Brianna113

Activities Captain: Yhnmko1

Members: BlazeBT, Chromium, Agent712, GoldFlame, Lightwave, Michael120, JRC4055, Omikron, PrettyHeatToasted, Kryiptuun, CrzyHarshSushi , legocastlebuilder, Murphy, ZapDragonMeteor, Fong, Casey113, ZintFazer, Rock19, ThunderFlareNova, ZingRockIon, WildDog777, TheBdude, animalbrad, FusionLego36, IceFlame, BaronMadHeart, Dagg, Paranode, Sito, Abraham, Blunder, GoldenMetalEnergy, Kingolego, Legodude101, ZapGravityMeteor, Yahooie7, Jettster, Ankarus, Legomastercj, NarutoManiac, Shadow96...

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