Founder of Team Cheez-Its, GruffSuperMoon


  • GruffSuperMoon


Team Cheez-Its is a guild founded and led by GruffSuperMoon. The team is always welcoming new members, even new players. When the team goes to battle and there are more then four people, they split into multiple teams. Battle practice is at the Battle Master(GoldenCrusherDragon)'s Avant Grove, and the main base is at GruffSuperMoon's Nimbus Isle. Grand Master is GruffSuperMoon, Assembly Master is NexusReporter, Venture League Master is MomoTheGreat, Sentinel Master is SwiftLaserFang, Paradox Master is BlasterBuilder, Battle Master is GoldenCrusherDragon, and Money Manager is Lylat. The four standard ranks are Scientist, Warrior, Builder, and Spy. Before battle, members tell what rares they need/want, and if someone gets one another player wants, they give it to them. Each master has a backup in case they can't be with the team. In the future, the team might be disbanded and formed into another team, the Samurais of Power. If this does happen, the base will be rebuilt and the battle practice property will be renamed. If you want to be a member of Team Cheez-Its, mail GruffSuperMoon with the subject "New Recruit Here".

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