A large clan in lego universe, with open membership to all players. Their main base is fort brick  the block yard of their owner, JohnBrick


Fort Brick : Main base, used for weekly wednesday parties, and an informal meeting place. Owner: JohnBrick

Brick Floating Fortress: A large floating fortress base, guarded by a trick elevator, and a drone of JohnBrick. This fortress is famous for successfully smashing one of the Mythran moderators, who were believed to be invincible.



JohnBrick : Leader and Founder

General Brick: 2nd in command, and first member of team brick, successor of JohnBrick after his mysterious dissapearence, but was overthrown due to his infamously brutal ruling methods. 

HonorKnight :Leader of the Sentinel Faction of Team Brick, and former honor of the top Gnarled Property

TheBuilder: Leader of the Assembly faction of Team Brick, and owner of the Team Brick Meeting Area

RoyalHeroicDude: Leader of Venture League faction of Team Brick

Zilayo: Former leader of Paradox faction, until his mysterious dissapearence, after which the faction fell loosely under the command of General Brick. His dissapearence mirrored that of his leader, JohnBrick. It has been theorized that they met the same mysterious fate. 


(any members, feel free to add your names in as they fit alphabetically, and a BRIEF description of your role in Team Brick.

-Architect125 (Assembly)

-ColoredBlocks (Venture League)

-Faramir (Sentinels) Air force Commander

-FlavorHungryTiger (Assembly)

-White (Assembly): Postmaster


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