A small clan of raiders in lego universe, enemies to both the minifigures and the maelstrom. 


The minifigures in Team Alpha Wolf masked their idenitites with wolf masks. They enjoy attacking in large numbers on unsuspecting properties, emplying tactics such as growling, howling, and general chaos-making to startle the property's owner, occasionally running them off the property. Their favorite target was Hollis' library, which they seemed to hate with an unexplained fury. Or possibly because they just loved to eat books. 

Members and BasesEdit

-Members were anoymous, and bases hidden. However, there is a rumor that JohnBrick occasionally became a werewolf on the full moon of each month. His membership in this team is unconfirmed, however.

-One rumor ties leadership to a sentinel known as Honorknight, a former top property holder of Gnarled Forest.

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