ScrambleInstantBuffalo is level 41, a Rank 3 Space Marauder, Sorcerer, and Shinobi. He is currently working



"Let my lightning strike you with fear!"

Favorite Weapon

Any of the 4 Golden Weapons

Hairstlye & Color

Green and very spiky

Favorite Color(s)

Blue, purple, red, black, green

on a property on Block Yard called Club Paradox. He has many friends, although the highest amount of his friends that has ever been logged in at one time was 7 or 6. He is mostly seen in the Ninjago Monastery. He has expierienced many glitches, though only 3 of them were popular and uncommon: the naked glitch, and 2 different Out of Bounds: one in Nimbus Station which is now currently unacsessable, and one in the Ninjago Monastery, which is now currently acsessible. He has lots of rares, although he has no complete Mosaic Jester or Bat Lord.

More coming when he is a higher level!


  • He is afraid of heights (which explains why you won't see him at the Monument.)
  • He has a very bad memory.
  • He wishes he was a Spiderling.
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