Firecycle's LEGO Universe Rant


First and foremost, I enjoy LEGO Universe. I think the graphics are cool, the gameplay is fun, the interface is easy to use, and the music is awesome. It's just not a LEGO game.

LEGO is about creativity and building. Therefore a game based on LEGO should be based on creativity and building also. It is not. Sure the building is there, and it works well, but the game is not about the building. The game is about fighting the Maelstrom. Yes, a good game needs story, yes, there ought to be combat, but it should be off to the side, not in the middle where building should be. Intead of giving you an infinite, customizeable playground to build in, they give you a small property, some bricks/models you earn through combat and say "Build here! Then get back to fighting the Maelstrom!"

"But Firecycle!!" I can hear you say, "You shouldn't complain about something if you can't think of a way to fix it!!"

This is the good part, here is how the game should have worked.

When you join the game you go directly to Nexus Station where you get a tutorial. This is not, however, the current nexus station, this one looks and feels more like an airport then anything else. Then you get your property. But instead of a property it's called a "universe". You have one "property" that you can customize (Changing the ground texture, the sky box, the background noise/music etc.). The building system itself is otherwise the same.

You earn money to buy Items/Bricks/models by playing in mini-games, such as a factory where you build a small model multiple times, racing, sports, and other things like that. There will also be a few battle mini-games, none of which would be PvP.

All the Items sold by NPC's are overpriced, however, If you amass enough money, you can buy items wholesale from vendors and vend them on your own property, at a price there are no restrictions on.

For an amount of money it would not be impossible- just a challenge- to collect, you could then buy other "Properties" of different sizes that would go your "Universe" depending on how many "Properties" you have, you also get a rank, Sir, Duke, Earl, Count, Baron, King, Emperor.

When you get your first "Property" and earn the title "Sir" you can join a group. when you achieve the title "Duke" you can start your own group with a limited amount of members. The amount of members your group can have grows with each level you go up until you reach Emperor, who's group has unlimited members.

I will probably expand this as time goes on, but what do you think?

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