• Lakerkb25 and Bob


2 days after Bob's destruction on the Venture Explorer, he set out to form the Nexus Nation! A team of daring adventures ready to strike at any minute, any second, he chose Lakerkb25 to be the leader, as Bob himself was only a weary ghost! Thus the Nexus Nation was born! To Join.. Post a comment on this page or mail Lakerkb25 in-game If you are below rank 25, you will not be accepted. Your starting rank is "Assistant," of which you can choose a higher ranked member for you to assist. When your employer is convinced, he will rank you up to "Battler," or if you want, "Scout." Scout brings info to the team, Battler attacks in the main army. When you are either a Scout or a Battler, you must choose a team, Team Delta, Beta, or Alpha. Currently, you can be leader for any of these teams, but I control them all. Once your team leader approves of you, he may rank you to "Attacker." These men fight on the front lines and are sent out on very important missions. When meetings between the team leaders and I are held, if we approve of you, we will rank you to Sargeant, of which you will be the 4th highest rank. If I approve, you will become a Commando, which is sent on private missions and is the highest rank. The other 2 ranks are Leader, which is me, and Legend, which is only for people who have gone beyond the call of duty for the team. Transmission ended. Laker out.

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