Mark Wallbrick is a famous actor who worked with Johnny Thunder Jr. in 'The Avatars Asse


Mark Wallbrick, after filming of Sted (2012).

mble'. He was born November 13th, 1972. He worked with Jack Brickleson, Tom Studitt, Mark Hemill and Robert Lego Jr. in many movies such as 'I Am Overbuild', 'Brick Fiction' and his most famous one over the years '2011: A Brick Odyssey'. Not much is known about this minifigure, as there aren't propaganda all over saying 'Mark Wallbrick'. So we're not gonna post tons and tons and tons and tons of information on these fine clean pages. Otherwis e, we're wasting virtual paper. I'm tellin' em, keep your bricks on. So, instead. We're gonna post a

random letter for personal entertainment, or an inspiring picture. Today's picture is Stud Johnson. CEO of Bricketure Lab oratories in Upper Brickigan. Enjoy that nice piece of work there. Thank you, and have a nice day.


  • Mark Wallbrick is a reference to the famous American actor, Mark Wahlberg.
  • Mark Wallbrick also makes a reference to the phrase 'It's like talking to a brick wall'.
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