A controvesial update was announced today as Figmentia posted on the official blog that in the next few weeks a new system of leveling up would be added to Lego Universe. According to this post " As you complete Missions and Achievements, your minifigure will increase in level – earning new rewards and abilities. This leveling system will provide minifigures with a smoother game play experience and offers even more minifigure customization!"

The article also stated that all Items will have a level requirement, and you will not be able to purchase items above your level regardless of weather you have enough money or not.

In the article, Figmentia assures the readers that their U-points will be re-calculated by their existing U-score. She also states that players will still be able to use any Item they have linked to thier minifigure.

This has been Firecycle with LUFW News.

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