Hello Eveyone! I am le717! I was a LEGO Universe Beta tester from the beginning under the name "le717", and was a Free-to-play as HybridChickenBear on the Overbuild server. I am a retired forum moderator on LUNF (run by my friend Supersoradude) , and I am Triangle717 on YouTube.

For some strange reason, Wikia capitalized my name when I inserted it. It is spelled "le717", not "Le717". Also, it is pronounced "lee seven-seventeen." But, you can call me "le". :)

Oh yea. If you ever spot something that has both Rioforce and I in it, or we are both talking/know about something, or we do stuff for each other it's because we are brothers. ;)

"Better products, better photos, honest product descriptions and reviews, & lower prices."

User:Le717/SigCode 21:54, May 10, 2012 (UTC)

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