"Just so happens, escape is my favorite two syllable word!" - Lakerkb25 to BuildingBadgers

Lakerkb25 is a rank 3 Sentinel knight, Samurai, and Space Ranger with a valiant and many rares. He has 2 unreleased items. He is in a club called Heroes United, led by his best friend, Cloudhopper. His arch-enemy is BuildingBadgers, who tried several times to capture Lakerkb25 thinking he was "a evil minifigure who wants to help the Baron." Badgers leads a team called the Defenders that "fights the Baron's Son." He says he had a son with the Spider Queen...

Lakerkb25 goes on very often, and knows a lot about Mythrans and Glitch Worlds. He also has 2 famous properties, one being Chantey Shanty. You will usually find him building, or in the Battle of Nimbus Station.

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