Kiton Water Park will be a water park infected by the Maelstrom. Some enemies will be Water Stromlings, Freak Waterlings, and Water Balloons. One minigame is Slide Survival, where your Minifigure is sliding down a slide trying to avoid Slide Jellys, jelly-like Maelstrom globs stuck to the slide. The longer you have been surviving, the faster your Minifigure slides. He/she will be rewarded coins and Faction tokens based on how well they have done. Your minifg can only survive 3 hits. Use the arrow keys to move, and the spacebar to jump. Wavelings appear only in the wave pool, and Freak Waterlings will appear rarely in the park. Water ballons appear in air and are invincible. Although they cannot attack, they deal 1 damage when run into, making them annoying to people with jetpacks.

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