"Interesting Idea" ♫ᵯӕᵴϯᵲⱷƷƼ♫, Founder of Team Ɛɳ Ԍɑɤɗɛ!

Are you a team leader? Does your team organize regular attacks on the maelstrom? Working as a team is always fun, but sometimes you wish your team would look like one. You've announced a uniform but everyone has trouble getting all the items, or just won't, and your team just ends up looking like a disorganized mess. But no more! Now you can just employ Jarran's Private Team Contracting Service! we will collect all the items needed* for your team, and even distribute them! All for the cost of the Items plus a 20% Commission fee!
So here's how it works. Say you have a team of ten people that you want to make uniforms for. Say you tell me that you want it to be fairly Basic and cost efficient. I put together this uniform:

  • Dark grey pants (100 Coins)
  • Cavalry shirt (100 Coins)
  • Sentinel helm (Can be bought for ten Faction Tokens, I am assuming that each Faction token is worth Ten coins, so 100 Coins)
  • Breastplate of Armor (100 Coins)
  • and a Sentinel Shield (700 Coins)

That adds up to 12,000 coins, now just add the commission fee and it come out to 14,400 coins! That's chump change!

Now you may be asking: "Why don't I just get the items myself?" Well, Getting all those Items is a actually requires a quite a bit of running around (The Cavalry shirt is acquired at Gnarled forest) when you could be earning coins smashing stromlings! So don't be a disorganized mess, employ Jarran's Private Team Contracting Service today!

But that's not all! If you feel your team is just a few players short of being able to take the Maelstrom by force, just ask Jarran's Private Team Contracting Service about our Mercenary services and we can set you up with a high-quality hired hand! You don't even have to worry about paying him! Just pay us at the with the rest of the fee and focus on defeating the Maelstrom!

Available mercenaries:

Name Faction Rank Price Universe Timeslot
Megabrick200 Venture League Three 3,000c --- ---
dino27 Sentinel Three 3,000c Overbuild

3-5 PM EST (Thursdays)

BestSpaceOwl Assembly Three 4000c --- ---
AmigoBear Sentinel Three 4000c ---


Owly Venture League Three 4000c --- ---
IsDumb Paradox Three 4000c --- ---

Are you a mercenary looking for someone to hire you? Tired of asking time and time again for a job without results? No more! Just sign up with Jarran's Private Team Contracting Service and we will put you in touch with clients! You don't even have to handle payment! Jarran's Private Team Contracting Service will pay you an amount of money that you chose* for working for any client employing us!*

  • Within reason; Jarran's Private Team Contracting Service reserves the right to chose a reasonable price
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