IronVoidScrap is a level 45 rank three paradox and the main (and only) character of shadow4295.He was created sometime in late 2010. You can often find him in his grim reaper costume.

Personality and Abilities Edit

IronVoidScrap's personality is mostly reserved exept as a team leader or when around his friends,and is abilities include all those of a paradox plus others such as the witches surf-broom.

Friends Edit

Iron's friends include:

  • ThunderShadyWarrior
  • Zingo
  • BraveDeluxeStorm
  • -WickedVoidSkull, Freind of BraveDeluxeStorm, ThunderShadyWarrior and IronVoidScrap

Achievements Edit

In LU Iron has completed achieved things such as:

  • getting full jester suit
  • getting full bone suit
  • getting witches surf broom
  • getting all imagination bricks
  • completing all FV achievements
  • getting at least one DX suit
  • learning all different types of spinjitzu
  • believing in LU until the very end

Items Edit

IronVoidScrap often uses/is dressed up in these items:

  • witches surf broom
  • paradox wormholer
  • shurikens of ice
  • scarlet scythe
  • crux armor
  • black cape
  • think and throw
  • kiro swordman's hood
  • jester cap
  • bone suit helm
  • jay DX shirt
  • bone suit shirt
  • zane DX pants
  • bone suit pants

however he does want to get:

  • scorpion whip

Team Edit

IronVoidScrap did try to create a team but failed as the mods would not let him create the post allowing to tell everyone. The teams name was originally going to be The Shadow-Skull Nation and have a base at Iron's Raven Bluff property. The only other founder was his friend ThunderShadyWarrior.

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