LEGO Universe 2011-04-09 10-16-48

Sorry about the out dated picture new picture coming soon

Hi if you are reading this it’s because you are on my page if not you should be on my page. Anyway to the point I am in the progress of creating a guild so far I have three members with me as the guild master. The guilds name is called Team Hero if you want to find my base well to bad… just kidding it in nimbus isle and it is called trading post and guild hero base my minifigure name is oxaxon. If you want to be in this guild you will have to be on frequently secondly you must check my pages regularly for updates and finally you have to be a rank three valiant weapon optional. So if you want to join mail my minifig oxaxon with your faction, set, and stats for example I am a paradox space marauder with both sets rank three with both valiant weapons and so on. Hope I get mail soon until than may the Nexus be with you: D …

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