• Former Lu Player Kenko2. Player Since 2010 November 10,A Philospher Of Creativity


This Isnt Exactly A Team. I am making an organization to bring back lu in any way. Whether its a cracked server or a new program. This project will be called the Genesis Project like the team name suggests. Since this isnt exactly a team you can be in a team and in this. Even if you dont wanna be a full time helper feel free to post suggestions. Anyone even non members may use Genesis Project Forums to try to find and communicate with lost friends from lu. We want suggestions so feel free to post your opinions. If Blaynii finds this he should help or post that hes here.The reason why is he is an old friend of mine and a prime lu player to help this project. Btw Blaynii i think i have a contact in real thats in banana buddies. hes a former lu player. Help wanted! -Kenko2,A Philosopher Of Creativity,

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