Space Marauder 2

Username GeneralBrick, a minifigure in the Paradox Faction, and notable former leader of the clan Team Brick


General Brick was known for his ruthlessness, especially in battle and leadership positions. Examples of his cruelty include:

  • Unauthorized imprisonment of multiple new players in fort brick 's jail, forcing them to pay ransom for release (A mythran informed JohnBrick , who put an end to this)
  • Successfully sending at least one unfortunate minifigure into space with a game breaking trap-box contraption, which he referred to as the "fun box". The box was designed to continuously travel up, eventually glitching through the block yard property barrier, until out of sight. On the witnessed occasion, the victim was no longer inside the box when it returned to Earth, and he has not been seen since. Legend has it that the minifigure is now floating in LU "outer space", or simply trapped outside the boundaries of the game.
  • Attempting to kill JohnBrick in said device (the plan backfired, and he was imprisoned until he apologized)

Team Brick ServiceEdit

  • General Brick was the first member of Team Brick , after its founding by JohnBrick.
  • After the mysterious disappearance of JohnBrick, the leadership of Team Brick fell to General Brick, who led for a time. However, his tyrannical rule was generally unpopular in the friendship-oriented team, and he was quickly disposed of power.
  • Despite his occasional treachery JohnBrick has described him as the "teeth" of team brick, an essential leader for its wartime function, contrasting to JohnBricks fun trademark "jester" antics. The two remained good friends since their meeting in the founding days of Lego Universe
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