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The main base for the large clan known as Team Brick . It is owned by their leader, JohnBrick

The orignal property featured:

-A large, flying, voice-controlled pirate ship.

-Weekly parties every Wednesday, featuring games, fireworks, and prizes!

-Fighting "battle bots"

-A working Moon bounce

-A climbing tower, featuring a trap door at the top leading to a prison. (Secret code to free prisoners has been       confirmed as "release him!"

-A flying raft (also voice controlled)

-a clubhouse (for team members only, but accessable without password by a secret entrance)

Known Voice Commands

-release him! ('Temporarily destroys jail to free prisoners)

     -brickhouse (opens door to private Team Brick clubroom)

    -johnbrick says destroy! (powerful secret spell to completely demolish fort brick temporarily)


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