Doctor Albert Overbuild is the leader of the Assembly faction.

In CanonEdit

300px-Doctor Overbuild
Dr. Overbuild was an associate of Baron Typhonus and accompanied him on his quest to find the last essence of pure imagination - the Nexus of Imagination. After the creation of the Maelstrom and the formation of the Nexus Force he decided there should be a faction to study the Maelstrom, and, hopefully, find a way to defeat it. Which is why he commisioned Vanda Darkflame (the Baron's former assistant) to create a Faction that would study the Maelstom and hopefully find a way to defeat it.

Overbuild created the Assembly, which was the first faction. They consider themselves the foundations of the Nexus Force.

He can also be credited with being the largest contributor to the construction of Nexus Tower, making almost everything himself, with the possible exception of the other faction rooms.

He, along with the rest of the faction leaders, appears in Nexus Tower. He has one son,Atom Overbuild,the second in command of the assembly faction.

Appearences in FanonEdit

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