The Darkitect Instance is an unreleased instance for LEGO Universe, thought to be the beginnings of the boss battle against the Darkitect himself. Although no evidence for the Darkitect Instance can be found in the game files, the files for the instance were included in the trunk build of the next unreleased LEGO Universe update.

The Darkitect Instance takes place on the same map as the Darkitect's vision, which is seen upon completing Something In The Maelstrom or by interacting with the Shadow Orb. However, this time, the player is given free roam. The map has lowered gravity, much like the MoonBase, allowing players to easily jump across the gaps between the slabs of rock. The last slab of rock is home to a group of standard Stromling Invaders.

When the Stromling Invaders are all smashed, an event is triggered, and the whole map fades away into shadow while the Darkitect's face flashes for a few brief moments. Then, a Maelstrom vortex opens above the player's character, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the vortex is actually a heavily-distorted version of the Darkitect's face. The Darkitect appears to swallow the player's character whole, and then it cuts to black.

A cutscene then plays wherein the player's character, locked in a terrified idle animation, is completely surrounded by endless images of the Darkitect's face, now even more distorted than it was before. The Darkitect then attacks the player's character in a form that cannot be truly grasped, and then the game cuts to black once more before showing the player's Life bar drain to zero.

It has been speculated that, under the right conditions (e.g. completing a certain mission or wearing certain gear), the cutscene will not play and, instead, the player will be able to battle the Darkitect. If these conditions are not met, then the player's character clearly stands no chance against the Darkitect and, thus, is quickly defeated.


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