Mike LiEdit

Mike Li, known as CrzyHarshSushi to his friends, is a high-ranking member of the Nexus Force . He is a Sentinel Agent of the highest calibur, ranking the highest possible in the Knight , Samurai , and Space Ranger specialties. He is known for racing a lot, and races the best in the Vertigo Loop Track. He currently weilds both of the Sentinel Valiant Weapons, The Powerjouster and the Samurizour.


Mike Li's career in the Nexus Force began in 2010, soon after the Nexus Force was formed. As he is a veteran member, he saw the Nexus Force slowly begin to gain more members, and soon, he saw the once near-empty Avant Gardens Flourish into an enourmous hub for new recruits, and veterans of the Nexus. He made many good friends, and later joined the team called Nexus Delta , led by Fusion. He is still currently part of Nexus Delta, and can be found on the member list.


-Some of CrzyHarshSushi's best friends are BlazeBT,(also a member of Nexus Delta, is a member of Paradox .) Vorpal,(his first friend in Lego Universe, also a member of Paradox.) ExtremeFlyingDragon,(his extremely rich friend, he was always more lucky then Mike. A member of Assembly .) Brickoffury,(wrote a Ninjago story with Mike, also a Sentinel. Usually a samurai.) Jusfjjkkl,(Mike's cousin, a member of assembly.) Crazybob968,(one of Mike's clumsy friends. Keeps falling off cliffs.) Mike has more friends than the ones listed.

-The reason the Ninjago story written with Brickoffury was started was because of the Imagination Ninja item set givin by missions for Sensei Wu . Mike decided to create a character to go with it. The characters Name was Shun. Another page may or may not be written about Shun.

-Mike once had a friend named SuperBobCrazyHead, and named one of his pets after him.

-Mike hails from Forbidden Valley , meaning he is asian.(or at least slightly.)

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