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Camotoy is a minifigure.
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Camotoy in the character screen

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Camotoy first appeared in A Maelstrom Hero, chapter 22. During this time, Camotoy was put into a position to help the group that set out into Crux Prime. Doctor Overbuild and a few other engineers first appeared there on a cliff. Camotoy had a few more avetures in A Maelstrom Hero and is supposed to return in Racin' Generation. He has since appeared in The Story Within Stories and The Night the Maelstrom Awakens.

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Heated in the character screen

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Camo in the character screen

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Heated T (known as this in the stories to not get confused with Heated) is the only guy not to be on Joshua3317's characters. He is on Kyle9881's, but still played with.

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The Master was the least played, weakest (of Joshua3317's minifigures), and last made of Josh's minifigures.

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The Master in the character screen

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