Brickley is a LEGO Intelligence Brick and is Mad about Power (Power Mad), he nearly had a job at the LEGO Company manufacturing, the Employer did not choose him. The Employer went with an exact replica of himself, Brickitism, giving Brickley a broken heart. He used to be connected to an evil robot called BRiCKOS. He was then replaced with another Intelligence Brick.



Brickley has betrayed many Brickologists at the LEGO COMPANY including: Bricko, Brick, Brickster, Bob and BRiCKOS.


  • Brickley is afraid of birds
  • Brickley refers Wheatley from Portal 2.
  • He thinks he will die if he falls or turns his built-in flash-light on.
  • He likes classical music.
  • He lives in Space now, you can see him through the window of Starbase 3001.
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