Ankarus, also known as Ankarus, Warrior of the Shinobi, was a minifigure durring the time of the Maelstrom War.

Ankarus was born on Arcana, a planet in the outer edges of the LEGO Universe. He was named after the brightest star in the night sky, Ankarix. When the Maelstrom took over the planet shortly after the beginning of the war, he, along with everyone else, was trapped on the planet for several weeks until the Paradox arrived and evacuated the planet. Vanda saw a fiercness in him that she had never seen before, and took him with her to Forbidden Valley, where she trained him in martial arts and sorcery.

When he grew up, he was put in charge of the sorcerers and the shinobi. He led them into many great battles, each of which he was victorious. He showed true bravery in an attack on a Maelstom Starship carrying supplies to an outpost. He, along with a team of Shinobi with specialized training, infiltrated the ship and confronted The Baron himself. He managed to escape, although with severe injuries.

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