The Malestrom Has Infected the past. You must save LU before the malestrom destroys it in the past. Missions: Scrapyard Savior: Find the scrapyard Into The Past: Collect All 10 Time Machine Pieces Wonderland Wish: Use Your Ship To Fly To Wonderland Gnarled Forest Journey: Beat Gnarled Forest Into The Forbidden Valley: Beat Forbidden Valley Stormling Hater Destroy 20 Stormlings Two Worlds Become One Fight In YouReeka Then Go To It's Warped Future Form: Warped Nexus Tower Malestrom X Destroy The Malestrom Which Warps Between Warped Nexus Tower and YouReeka Back Home Find All 20 Time Crystals and go back Home Allows You To Use Your Ship to warp to Wonderland

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