Aguago Water Park


Level 30


Waterlings, Wavelings, Freak Waterlings, Water Baloons, Water Ghosts, Jelly


Vesi Aguago (Park Owner), Skunkbuster, Watafast011 (Footrace Host Bot), Hollis Shuner (Construction Builder), Seer Terrer (Fortune Teller)

Aguago Water Park is a world is a Water Park world in LU. The teleporter is located in the Sentinel War Room in Nexus Tower.


  • Dark Slide- A large, un-steep slide that Minifgures can walk into. Inside are Waterlings. This is where Watafast001, Footrace Bot, is located.
  • Kiddie Pool- A large, shallow pool that Minifigures can walk on. Waterlings and rarely Freak Waterlings are in this unusually large pool.
  • Drain- a small drain under the park. Almost pitch-black, this is your best chance of catching a Freak Waterling. Also located here are Water Ghosts. Skunkbuster is located here.
  • Poolstraunt- an under-construction restaurant. Hollis Shuner (NPC) is located there, trying to build the restaurant out of bricks.
  • Aguago Pool- A deep wave pool that can be navigated above by Waterwalkers earned in a Vesi Aguago mission. Located here are Waterlings, rarely Freak Waterlings, and Wavelings. Located outside of the pool is Vesi Aguago, the owner of the park.


The minigames in the park are:

  • Slide Survival: One minigame is Slide Survival, where your Minifigure is sliding down a slide trying to avoid Slide Jellys, jelly-like Maelstrom globs stuck to the slide. The longer you have been surviving, the faster your Minifigure slides. He/she will be rewarded coins and Faction tokens based on how well they have done. Your minifg can only survive 3 hits. Use the arrow keys to move, and the spacebar to jump.
  • Footrace: Hosted by Watafast001, it sees how long it takes you to go down the Dark Slide.
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