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  • AcidHammyPancake


This group is an ice group started by AcidHammyPancake. There are several ranks. you can start as one of 2 ranks. Frozen ninja is the starting outfit for players with low level and low coins. the more respected rank is ice troop. then a rank used by those who are inactive is air ship pilot. After you become a Ice troop, you can rank up to the following. Ice warrior, ice wizard, and air ship captain. dont mix up pilot and captain. The Second in command currently is ThunderShadyWarrior. AcidHammyPancake is the ICE KING himself. *SPECIAL EVENT* The ice kings castle melted! if you see this post, and are in -Below Zero-, and you ask the ice king for a room in the new castle,he will give you one. but you must ask now! *SPECIAL EVENT* The Ice king need a new place to battle! design a cool(pun intended) ice property for the king and you could win 50,000 coins in game!

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